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Will You Accept This Rose?

May 30, 2018

Brendan joins Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the SEASON PREMIERE of The Bachelorette! Sexy Chickens! Cop Haircuts! Jocks, Jocks, Jocks!!!!
- Arden thinks the male model is a wonderful combo of Villian and CRAY TO THE CRAY CRAY!
- Brendan is ready to do a WYATR field trip to see man-bun Leo at Universal City Walk!

May 24, 2018

It's a full lady coven! Paget, Debby, Anna and Katie join Arden and Erin to break down the FESTIVAL of MEN that are in the running to win Becca's heart!!!  Bruised Fruit! Colognoissiuers! Romanc Cover Models!

- Arden tells her secret- that she panicked and killed a hobo!
- Debby encourages Erin to double down and get...

May 1, 2018

Bryan (Throwing Shade) and her Ladyship Anna join Arden for episode 1 in a multi episode bonus series where they will break down the entire season of the MOST IMPORTANT TV SHOW OF ALL TIME......Bachelor In Paradise: Australia! Adderall benders! Aussie Falcons! A 28 year old male Bette Midler!

- Bryan is obsessed with...