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Will You Accept This Rose?

Mar 8, 2018

Arden's BFF and Secretary of State Paget Brewster joins Arden and Erin to discuss the disaster that was After the Final Rose! Southwest Middle Seats! Banjo-ing Bowties! Bleachable Moments!

- Arden is the official Chief Eunuch Inspector!!!
- Paget busts out her gorilla/ seal impression!
- Erin is out of her penalty box...

Mar 7, 2018

WYATR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Debby Ryan and Rob join Arden and Erin to discuss the MOST INSANE THREE HOURS OF TELEVISION EVER RECORDED!!!!!!!  Side-eye Alpacas! Faces on Faces! Chris Harrison UNCUT!!!

- Arden wants to Air-B-N-B Arie's condo in Scottsdale just to feel alive!
- Debby is discovers her BEST TALENT YET- NEIL...