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Will You Accept This Rose?

Feb 28, 2018

Debby, Rob and Bryan join Arden to discuss the "I Love You" fantasma that was FANTASY SUITES!!!
Dolphin Sex! Pooping in a sand hole! Ro$$!!!!
-Arden is getting out her best Dream Catcher/ dead bird earrings!
-Debby thinks Kendall likes taxidermy is because they forever hold eye contact!
-Bryan knows Chris Harrison is...

Feb 27, 2018

Bryan, Alexis and Jasmine join Arden to discuss 78 hours of television! Bachelor Winter Games! After the Games! After AFTER the games! Women tell All! Meatballs tell All! Cyring Virgins!! AND horny Pier One Managers!

- Arden is PISSED that Ashley I didn't BONE ZONE and tell!

- Bryan thought Clare's proposal...

Feb 22, 2018

Alexis, Jasmine and Rob join Arden to discuss the hottest show in the snow BACHELOR WINTER GAMES! Weeping Virgins! Kiwis! Yuki!!!!

- Arden tests out all of her terrible accents before becoming obsessed with the Jacooooooosi!
- Alexis and Arden move on top of the Hollywood sign with Pilgrim Nicky Cage!
- Jasmine...

Feb 21, 2018

Fortune joins Arden and Erin to discuss the magical vanilla festival that was HOMETOWN DATES! So many white people, so little time. Scary Brothers! Uncle Gary! Carved ducks!

- Arden wants to make a lady out of 3D printer!
-Fortune discovers she is from a booming metropolis!
- Erin wants to run away with Kendall!

Feb 15, 2018

Bryan joins Arden to discuss the magical shitshow that is the Bachelor Winter Games! Horny French Canadians! Xenophobia! The Meatball finds love!!! DEAN DEAN DEAN!!!


- Arden and Bryan dance to Gloria Estefan for 17 1/2 minutes!

- Bryan plots his own (slow) death!

- Anna cringes as Ben Higgens (aka Bryan) baby...