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Will You Accept This Rose?

Jan 31, 2018

The gang's all in San Fransisco live from Cobb's Comedy Club at San Fransisco Sketchfest! Traditional Lipstick Dinners! Bumble Dentists! Justin Bieber!

-Arden is the first sexy Pilgrim to have a dance off with a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and a Russian Accountant!

-Rob Wows with his Nick and Dean's Dad...

Jan 24, 2018

Sarah joins Arden on the set to discuss one of the creepiest things that has ever happened in the woods- LANCO! Horny dudes in Cardigans! Glam-shaming!!!

-Arden thinks Arie speaks like a caveman "Water is awesome."

-Sarah is the only person on earth to actually know one Lanco so

Jan 17, 2018

Lauren Lapkus (Crashing) and Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade) join Arden and Erin to discuss 2 hours of the the WORLD'S GROSSEST KISSING FESTIVAL!!! Traumatic Experiences! Huskies! Meatball Beds!!


- Arden wants to give an Oscar to the editing of the puppy flashback!

- Erin wants the lady Gorgeous Ladies of...

Jan 9, 2018

Arden and Erin do a special slumber party episode of WYATR from Arden's house! The gals discuss Winger Dingers! Dating Tips! Angry Meatballs!


- Arden captures Erin under her new Dental Cape blanket!

- Erin explains why Arie grew two inches when he found out what makes Chelsea so "Mysterious"!

All this plus.......TWEET...

Jan 3, 2018

Arden, Erin and Rob are BACK for an all new season of Will You Accept This Rose?!!! Let the Tsunami of Poon begin! Single Mom Lip Injections Villains! Salt and Pepper monosyllabic Realtors! Tiny Wieners!!!!

- Arden is impressed that they found the ONE asshat in Maine!

- Rob thinks sexy masks are better left ON!

- Erin...