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Will You Accept This Rose?

Sep 14, 2017

Ralph Garman and Steve Hytner join Arden to close up the beach for the season! Peanut Butter! Booty shots! Virgins!!

Arden doesn't know why none of the girls climbed over the bar to hump Wells!

Ralph thinks Amanda's new book is called "How to See Your Kids For 2 Months A Year!"

- Hytner discovers his new safe word...

Sep 13, 2017

Comedian Billy Wayne Davis joins Arden and Erin to discuss the finale of Bachelor In Paradise! Scallops return to the sea! Malnourished horny Canadians! Two Texas Instruments Calculators mate and get BETROTHED!

- Arden wants Raven and Adam and Adam Jr. to run off into the sunset!

- Erin thinks Kristina is now wearing a...

Sep 7, 2017

Fortune Feimster (Mindy Project) joins Arden and Erin to discuss the WRATH OF THE TWINS! Bi-Sexuals! Nose Rings! and Serial Killers!

- Arden's mom Janet Myrin (of Little Compton Real Estate) put a HEX on the Twins!

- Fortune is obsessed with Derek's EXPLOSION at Taylor this season!

- Erin thinks DLO is a misunderstood...

Sep 6, 2017

Paget (Arden's BFF) & Rob (WYATR 2017 Bachelor of the Year) join Arden and Erin in a in HOT BOX SAUNA of a comic book store to recap the latest Sexploits South of the Border!  Male Jeggings! Dick Flicks! Thruples! 

- Arden becomes delirious and makes everyone show her their underwear!

- Erin channels Christina and...