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Will You Accept This Rose?

Aug 31, 2017

Rob and Bachelorette Contestant Alex join Arden for an afternoon discussing Jack Stone Serial Killer! Scallop Fingers! Tiny hands on Tickle Monsters! 

- Arden is delighted the Russian Falcon AND the Canadian Eagle have landed!

- Rob wants Dean's "scraps"!

-Alex dresses to impress with his hair in FULL FALCON and...

Aug 23, 2017

Steve, Janet, Sheryle and Mittens join Arden in a very special hometown dispatch from the Myrin family Dan. Ben Z talks about his dog! Lacey keeps crying!


Arden loses her shit over the missing cocktail sauce post memorial lunch!

Janet is ready to get lost in...

Aug 17, 2017

Nikki Glaser joins Arden and Erin to break down the 1st EPISODE OF PARADISE but more importantly recap their adventurous weekend at Outside Lands with DEAN! WELLS! KENNY! BEN Z! and ALEX!!!!!! Karaoke! Stage Dives! FALCONS!!!!

-Arden calls Ben Z to find out what the F is up with he and his dog!

- Erin wants Alex to have...

Aug 15, 2017

PAGET! DEAN! KENNY! WELLS! ALEX! BEN Z! and STEVE HYTNER join Arden and Erin for the GREATEST EVENT of ARDEN'S LIFE live at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Fransisco!! Opium tents! Sprained ankles! Mutha-*&%?king WELLLLS! and DEAN! DEAN! DEAN!

-Arden climbs Alex like a Rhesus monkey after doing her Kenny impression...

Aug 9, 2017

Rob Benedict joins Arden and Erin to break down the WORST. FINALE. IN HISTORY!!! Air B-N-B's! Living My Best Life Ever! Italian Central Casting Monks! #TEAMERIC!!!!

- Arden wants to chase Dean around her island in her new hit show "To Catch A Twink!"

Erin is convinced the wind tried to knock some sense into...