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Will You Accept This Rose?

Jun 29, 2017

Paget Brewster and Kyle Dunnigan join Arden and Erin to discuss Rachel's Scandinavian getaway! Wiking FIghts! Cheek Implants! Lady Muses!!

-Arden works on her Kenny impression Whoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo!

-Erin is DEVASTATED her Russian Mathematician man bun is Gone, Girl!

-Kyle attempts to speak English for the first...

Jun 28, 2017

Paget Brewster and Nikki Glaser join Arden and Erin to discuss the Super-Fox Rachel's quest for love in Oslo, Norway! Handball Man Diapers! Disingenuous Sneaky Snakes! Humping in the Hot Tub!

- Arden wants to climb over Alex's man bun like a Rhesus Monkey!

- Erin concedes that gap-tooth Peter is PRETTY DREAMY!

- Paget...

Jun 21, 2017

Thomas Middleditch and Rob Benedict join Arden and Erin to celebrate the return of The Bachelorette and the REPRIEVE of Bachelor in Paradise!!! Nuts filled with steroids! Fingering on Doheny! Scripture Tattoos!!!!!! -Arden is obsessed with RUSSELL DICKERSON! - Rob wants to punch Lee in the face! - Erin wants you to KEEP...

Jun 16, 2017

Live from Zanies Arden hosts the first live podcast to be co-hosted by YOU GUYS!!!! A support group was had to mourn being pre-empted by f-ing basketball?????!!!! And the possible end of the OSCAR worthy Bachelor in Paradise! Arden and the superfans break down the season so far! Will it be Peter and his hunky gap!...

Jun 7, 2017

Rob Benedict and Paget Brewster join Arden and Erin to break down this week's magical episode! Sultry Bananas! Creepy Pediatricians! Beverly Hills horses!! SO SO many men who can LEGIT pole dance! -Arden tries to wear a one piece bathing suit through the recording and almost passes out! -Erin has found her perfect male...